Compliance with environmental standards

Because EuroCave is an environmentally-responsible company.

EuroCave always endeavours to take into account environmental factors when manufacturing its products:

– The latest ranges brought out by the group are all rate A+ or B. 

– All of EuroCave’s wine cabinets and cellar conditioners use an environmentally-friendly fluid which does not contain CFCs, in this way helping to protect the ozone layer.

– The wood used to manufacture our shelves comes from plantations approved by the SGS Audit Program.

– The group periodically changes its components in order to be as energy-efficient as possible, such as its new compressors, which will be used in all cabinets from the end of 2014.

– The Group’s products (electric and electronic equipment) and their packaging conform with a recycling process.

40 years experience

The specialist since 1976

Network of experts around the world

Eurocave is present in more than 70 countries

Label Origine France

To ensure quality, our cellarsare designed and manufactured in France

Approval by master Sommelier

Our products are developped with, tested and approved by our sommeliers partners