[ DECO TREND] Interview with Takeshi Shikauchi, Director and architect of S Design Farm agency


Takeshi Shikauchi, architect, reveals his renovation project of a house in Tokyo with a EuroCave built-in wine cabinet in a custom-made furniture in a living-room.

Can you describe the agency in a few words?

Our architecture design office creates buildings and spaces where people can gather and spend a “relaxing time” mixing light, wind, plants and interior materials.

What would be your dream space to design?

A space that maximizes the natural environment and climate of the place, whether in the city or in the magnificent nature.

What is your favourite part of a renovation project?

The fact that it does not go as planned because there is already a building. This precondition enables you to do things that you do not imagine. The feeling is like a jazz session which is interesting!

Are you personally a wine lover?

I personally love wine and I am very curious. During my travels, I enjoy discovering new wines. I am not an expert, but I like food & wine pairing. It is quite fascinating to see how a wine can be different depending on the dish it is served with.

Is it a luxury, fashionable or just the norm to have a wine cabinet in your home in Japan?

Many clients own wine cellars at their homes designed by S Design Farm. From large type to small type. I think that the number of people who own is increasing due to the high temperature and humidity which is a difficult climate to store wine.



Japan Style - harmony of lines and association of materials such as wood, a staple in Japan, concrete and steel, for a contemporary and refined living space.

Can you describe this renovation project of this amazing house in Tokyo?

It is a house in central Tokyo overlooking the Imperial Palace (the palace where the emperor lives). Although it is in the middle of the city, it is a place where you can see large nature like the Central Park in New York, so we aimed to create a calm space mixing sophisticated atmosphere of a city with natural materials.

What was your inspiration behind this project?Japanese houses used to use a lot of wood like temples in Kyoto. These days, there are many modern materials such as concrete and steels, and many apartments in the city center are also made by modern materials. On the other hand, people want nature. I wanted to express the perspective of nature that the Japanese people have cherished in a modern interpretation.

The owners wanted to incorporate a wine cabinet into their living room.  How did you take on board this request?I think wine is a part of the interior. Being able to choose the best matching wine and take it out from the cellar while enjoying meal in the dining room is a scene to enjoy your life. In that sense, the EuroCave wine cellar has a design that becomes a part of the interior, and the client also said that he would like to install it in the living room.

What about EuroCave furniture? Easy to integrate in a such project?

The greatest feature is that Pure collection has excellent design and is easy to adopt.

What was your clients’ reaction when they discovered their new living space?

The client was delighted that the living room became modern and sophisticated, yet with a feel of nature. He was also pleased that such a sophisticated and warm atmosphere of the Eurocave and the Bang and Olufsen television created a harmony to the space.