• 10-year parts warranty for the Royale.
5-year parts warranty for the Revelation and Inspiration ranges.
2-year parts warranty for the other wine cabinet ranges, storage systems (Modulosteel, Modulorack, Modulocube and Modulothèque) and cellar conditioners.
2-year parts warranty for Wine Art

Every EuroCave wine cabinet and cellar conditioner has an individual identification number which allows its origin and authenticity to be established.

In-house after-sales service

To diagnose problems and find solutions, EuroCave has a ‘‘Hotline’’ available to all of its EuroCave approved distributors (over 70 countries).

This technical support service is available on working days and is provided by professionals trained in the specific technical features of EuroCave products.

In the case of a proven fault, EuroCave undertakes to send the manufacturer’s spare parts to your distributor.  This service is your assurance that whatever country you are in, you will benefit from a fast and efficient after-sales service.

The “Origine France Garantie” label

EuroCave is proud to be a French company...

The France label

Since 8 June 2012, the EuroCave Group is the only wine cabinet manufacturer to have obtained the Origine France Garantie label, which recognises the commitments made by the group for over 40 years.
The aim of the label is to support French know-how both in France and abroad and as such, EuroCave fulfils all of its requirements and guarantees them.

Inventor of the wine cabinet in 1976, EuroCave continues to innovate today.  Furthermore, whilst most of the brand’s development is abroad, with 70% of turnover made from export, EuroCave has chosen to keep all of its production facilities in France.  All of the brand’s activity takes place in a small town called Fourmies in the district of Avesnes-sur-Help, in Nord, EuroCave’s historic birthplace.

Since 2010, EuroCave has been redefining its industrial strategy, notably in order to improve its production capacity and incorporate production of new products.  To achieve these aims, many managers have been recruited, bringing the staff in Fourmies from 108 to 118 people.

Now more than ever, the group has secured its place as leader in the wine storing, maturing and serving market.  To ensure that it maintains this position, EuroCave constantly strives to improve its technical skills, its core activity and source of development: it is therefore not surprising that in 2014, the company launched a recruitment drive (experienced manufacturing controller, design technician and foreman) for its original production site, confirming its strong attachment to the region.

Sommelier partners

In order to create a product based on flavour and history,
EuroCave has adapted, technologies have evolved,
design has followed trends but the brand has always cared for wine.

Wine is part of our heritage…

In order to create a product based on flavour and history, EuroCave has adapted, technologies have evolved, design has followed trends but the brand has always cared for wine. The culture of wine starts with the vine, then the harvest, selection and ends with the wine making process. The grape grower, sommelier and oenologist relationship is essential for creating a fine wine. Which is why we have top sommeliers at our sides to help us to manufacture, for you, the best wine serving, storing and maturing products.

Our main sommelier partners are John Euvrard and Fabrice Sommier.

Our sommelier partners

John Euvrard

After working as Paul Bocuse’s head sommelier, John Euvrard received the title of Meilleur Ouvrier Sommelier de France (France’s top wine steward) and was chosen Sommelier of the year in 2007.

John Euvrard has been a sommelier since 1990. After starting out his career at Relais de la Poste in Magescq (Relais & Châteaux), Landes, he joined the famous restaurant of Paul Bocuse, in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or (69), as sommelier in 1993 then as head sommelier in 1998. In 2007, at the end of a 12 month competition, he received from Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic, the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in the Sommelier category. The same year, he was voted Best Sommelier of 2007 by the magazine Le Chef. In 2008, he created a consultancy firm “John Euvrard Sommelier”, the main activities of which are organising events around wine, training and advice. He is also master sommelier of UDSF (Union of French Wine Waiting).

Fabrice Sommier

This native of Châteauroux in the province of Berry, is head sommelier of the Georges Blanc Group (three Michelin stars) in Vonnas. Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2007, Master of Port in 2010, President of Sommeliers of Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region and Secretary General of UDSF. Fabrice Sommier is also a cigar lover and won the award for the best pairing between an alcoholic drink and a cigar at the Habano Sommelier (cigar sommelier) competition as part of the Festival of Havana in the Cuban capital on 24 and 28 February 2014.

Technological expertise

Technological prowess to guarantee that our cabinets meet all of the criteria for optimal wine maturing...

The history of EuroCave highlights a drive towards excellence through innovation.

The history of EuroCave highlights a drive towards excellence through innovation. EuroCave is committed to a continuous creative process that enables it to imagine solutions which will inspire uses related to the conservation and service of wine. In scientific terms this is represented by a number of registered patents and partnerships with leading research laboratories.

Each EuroCave product benefits from the oenological knowledge and expertise of the experts who design and manufacture them:
•  an in-house engineering and design department has over 11 engineers who work tirelessly to design and create products at the cutting-edge of design and technology
•  over 12 patents have been filed
•  our production plant in the north of France has over 60 staff: also completely in-house, the Group’s factory now has sheet metal, assembly, foam injection and checking machines.  This allows the brand to guarantee a level of quality that meets the strictest international standards.

To continually improve its products, the company tests them for effectiveness using scientific methods. It was with this purpose in mind that EuroCave commissioned a group of experts from INSA to conduct a comparative study of vibrations in wine cabinets. The results are conclusive: EuroCave cabinets generate 6 times fewer vibrations than rival products –conclusions that provide a little more information to help consumers make the right choice of wine cabinet.

* Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon – Lyon national institute of applied science

Quality control

EuroCave’s quality control exceed the requirements of standard EN 60335:

• Leak test on the cold circuit performed on all wine cabinets.
• Electrical safety test performed on all wine cabinets.
• Final check covering 40 points and functional test performed on all wine cabinets,

All of these checks allow us to ensure that the cabinets sent out to our customers comply with their order.

Compliance with environmental standards

Because EuroCave is an environmentally-responsible company.

EuroCave always endeavours to take into account environmental factors when manufacturing its products:

– The latest ranges brought out by the group are all rate A+ or B. 

– All of EuroCave’s wine cabinets and cellar conditioners use an environmentally-friendly fluid which does not contain CFCs, in this way helping to protect the ozone layer.

– The wood used to manufacture our shelves comes from plantations approved by the SGS Audit Program.

– The group periodically changes its components in order to be as energy-efficient as possible, such as its new compressors, which will be used in all cabinets from the end of 2014.

– The Group’s products (electric and electronic equipment) and their packaging conform with a recycling process.

How to store wine?

Mastering time

In order for your wines to mature and reach their potential, a wine cabinet must meet 5 basic criteria.

Our technical expertise allows us to meet the five criteria that are essential for effective wine storage:

A constant temperature

For optimal maturing, it is necessary to ensure that the wine is stored in an environment with a constant temperature of 10°C – 14°C, regardless of the external temperature.

In a natural cellar…
The thick walls made of stone and earth ensure a constant temperature of 10 – 14°C.

EuroCave’s solution…
The walls (6 cm thick cellular insulant) and the Twin Process thermal regulation system guarantee a constant temperature of 10 – 14°C.

Suitable humidity levels

It is essential to maintain suitable humidity levels of 50 – 80 %.
Below 50%, the cork could dry out, causing the wine to flow out. Above 80%, condensation could form on the bottles, causing the labels to peel off. It could even cause mould to develop if there is insufficient ventilation.

In a natural cellar…
The rough stone walls and ceilings capture humidity in the air, guaranteeing an ideal humidity level of above 50%. Excess humidity is controlled and evacuated via the gravel floor.

EuroCave’s solution…
The exclusive humidity preservation system combined with the aluminium walls guarantee an ideal humidity level of above 50%.

Thermal insulation, U.V. protection

To mature well, wine must be protected from all sources of light: only darkness prevents deterioration of tannins by oxidation. Direct light containing UV causes irreversible damage to wine. Indirect light (not containing UV) is also harmful. In the long term it could break down the structure of the wine and dilute it.

In a natural cellar…
The thick walls provide excellent thermal insulation. The darkness of the cellar protects the wine from harmful U.V. rays, in this way preventing premature deterioration of your wine.

EuroCave’s solution…
The walls constitute an optimal thermal barrier. What’s more, EuroCave cabinets protect the wine from light thanks to their solid doors or U.V.- screened glass doors.

An anti-vibration system

In order to mature in optimal conditions, wine needs tranquility.  This is why wine must be protected from vibrations.  Vibrations disturb the slow physicochemical development process of wine and are often fatal to the finest vintages.

In a natural cellar…
The thickness of the walls and the location of the cellar constitute an excellent defence against external vibration.

EuroCave’s solution…
The original VES (Vibration Exclusion System) is designed to absorb vibrations which disturb wine’s maturing process.

A permanent ventilation system

It is essential to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation otherwise mould and bacteria could develop.

In a natural cellar…
Constant circulation of air is obtained by the difference in pressure between a door held ajar and an air vent.

EuroCave’s solution…
A constant, slow flow of filtered air is obtained by the difference in pressure between two holes in the cabinet.

The differences between preserving and maturing

The wine maturing process is the time required for the wine to improve and express as many of its qualities as possible (prime). This process can take from 2 to more than 20 years. Maturing is therefore long-term cellaring of wine.

40 years experience

The specialist since 1976

Network of experts around the world

Eurocave is present in more than 70 countries

Label Origine France

To ensure quality, our cellarsare designed and manufactured in France

Approval by master Sommelier

Our products are developped with, tested and approved by our sommeliers partners