EuroCave at Capital Club, DIFC, Dubai

EuroCave at Capital Club in the heart of DIFC

Exclusive private members club based in DIFC, Capital Club uses four side-by-side V-PURE-L units to store its wine collection. In conversation with the venue’s Director of F&B Luca Gagliardi, we learn why Capital Club chose to invest in EuroCave and how their installation supports them.

Capital Club is an exclusive business members club in Dubai’s Financial District.

“There is a lot of quality reassurance when you store your wines in a EuroCave.”

A business members only club in the heart of the Dubai’s Financial District, Capital Club is a multi-story venue home to various F&B concepts.

The high-end, exclusive club plays host to many business and social events – welcoming international guests, from young entrepreneurs to self-made successful business people who boast a refined palate and a taste for the finer things in life – namely wine, cigars and whiskey.

With wine playing a major role in the operations of Capital Club, the venue’s owners chose to install four EuroCave V-PURE-L units to store their wine. To understand why and garner feedback on their experience with EuroCave, we spoke with Capital Club’s Director of F&B, Luca Gagliardi. Here’s what he shared with us.

 Describe your experience with EuroCave’s products in the restaurant, and how the expansive storage element is helpful to your operations…

I have been using EuroCave for a few decades now, so I can say is that is the most reliable wine storage system. I know of EuroCave products purchased 20 years ago that are still functioning very well, so it’s a great investment for us in the beverage sector. EuroCave’s portfolio supports all the needs a restaurant has including the wine-by-the-glass preservation system which is an absolutely amazing product that allows us to have a great wine-by-the-glass program.

Capital Club houses four EuroCave cabinets in the restaurant on the fourth floor.

Capital Club is a very visually pleasing venue. How does the design of the EuroCave cabinets blend with Capital Club’s aesthetic?

It’s perfect for us. We have four EuroCave cabinets in our main restaurant on the fourth floor and it really adds the perfect visual to the fine dining experience that we want our members to experience.

Why did Capital Club choose the EuroCave brand to install?

There is a lot of quality reassurance when you store your wines in a EuroCave. Throughout my career, I’ve seen many customised wine wall fridges installed through various brands, and while they may look great, within a year or two they begin malfunctioning which becomes a huge headache for sommeliers and wine waiters. This doesn’t happen with EuroCave. You need to have reassurance from the type of system you use, and EuroCave is a long-lasting system, and that’s why Capital Club decided to invest in EuroCave and we’ve never experienced any issues.

Luca Gagliardi is the F&B Director at Capital Club.

EuroCave guarantees precise serving temperature and the wine cabinets allow you to keep bottles at different serving temperatures, how is that important for you and your guests?

Being able to store many bottles in a small space is fundamental to our business. Having two cabinets that allow you to store four different type of wines and serve them at the best temperature makes your cost of space very efficient.

How would you describe your experience with EuroCave?

EuroCave provides elegant wine preservation systems and is always headache free.

 For readers who haven’t visited Capital Club yet. What would you like to say to entice them to visit you for dinner and a wine experience?

As business members club we cater for our members, so we tend to personalise their experiences based on their taste and expectation.

For more information about Capital Club, visit https://capitalclubdubai.com/