How to store wine?

Mastering time

In order for your wines to mature and reach their potential, a wine cabinet must meet 5 basic criteria.

Our technical expertise allows us to meet the five criteria that are essential for effective wine storage:

A constant temperature

For optimal maturing, it is necessary to ensure that the wine is stored in an environment with a constant temperature of 10°C – 14°C, regardless of the external temperature.

In a natural cellar…
The thick walls made of stone and earth ensure a constant temperature of 10 – 14°C.

EuroCave’s solution…
The walls (6 cm thick cellular insulant) and the Twin Process thermal regulation system guarantee a constant temperature of 10 – 14°C.

Suitable humidity levels

It is essential to maintain suitable humidity levels of 50 – 80 %.
Below 50%, the cork could dry out, causing the wine to flow out. Above 80%, condensation could form on the bottles, causing the labels to peel off. It could even cause mould to develop if there is insufficient ventilation.

In a natural cellar…
The rough stone walls and ceilings capture humidity in the air, guaranteeing an ideal humidity level of above 50%. Excess humidity is controlled and evacuated via the gravel floor.

EuroCave’s solution…
The exclusive humidity preservation system combined with the aluminium walls guarantee an ideal humidity level of above 50%.

Thermal insulation, U.V. protection

To mature well, wine must be protected from all sources of light: only darkness prevents deterioration of tannins by oxidation. Direct light containing UV causes irreversible damage to wine. Indirect light (not containing UV) is also harmful. In the long term it could break down the structure of the wine and dilute it.

In a natural cellar…
The thick walls provide excellent thermal insulation. The darkness of the cellar protects the wine from harmful U.V. rays, in this way preventing premature deterioration of your wine.

EuroCave’s solution…
The walls constitute an optimal thermal barrier. What’s more, EuroCave cabinets protect the wine from light thanks to their solid doors or U.V.- screened glass doors.

An anti-vibration system

In order to mature in optimal conditions, wine needs tranquility.  This is why wine must be protected from vibrations.  Vibrations disturb the slow physicochemical development process of wine and are often fatal to the finest vintages.

In a natural cellar…
The thickness of the walls and the location of the cellar constitute an excellent defence against external vibration.

EuroCave’s solution…
The original VES (Vibration Exclusion System) is designed to absorb vibrations which disturb wine’s maturing process.

A permanent ventilation system

It is essential to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation otherwise mould and bacteria could develop.

In a natural cellar…
Constant circulation of air is obtained by the difference in pressure between a door held ajar and an air vent.

EuroCave’s solution…
A constant, slow flow of filtered air is obtained by the difference in pressure between two holes in the cabinet.

The differences between preserving and maturing

The wine maturing process is the time required for the wine to improve and express as many of its qualities as possible (prime). This process can take from 2 to more than 20 years. Maturing is therefore long-term cellaring of wine.

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