Cigar Humidors

The EuroCave humidor, creates the perfect environment for storing and keeping your cigars in perfect condition over a period of time. It is designed to create an ambient of 18°C and around 80% humidity. It has a capacity of 1,000 cigars or 40 boxes.

Supplied with 1 tray, 1 fixed shelf, and 2 drawers.


Such as wine, Cigars are made of living matter and tase or aromas can change over years. The ageing of noble vitola can add them more complexity and sometimes intensify their character. with our temperate climate, where temperature and humidity variations are important, cigars can be damaged rapidly. That is why it is necessary to preserve them in optimal conditions.

Eurocave cabinets reproduce all of conditions required for optimal ageing of cigars.


More than 40 years of experience and expertise, EuroCave is the wine cabinet “specialist”. Creator of the wine cabinet in 1976.

Year after year, we come up with new technological and aesthetic innovations. Thus, in 1995, the first EuroCave cigar humidor was commercialized.

our Aim is to manufacture products that can last, EuroCave creates cabinets that will last at least 30 years. Our credo, “programmed sustainability”.


EuroCave has obtained the “Origine France Garantie” label, guaranteeing that all products are 100% hand-made in France

5 criteria are essential for vitola to keep their full potential

The ideal temperature to store cigars is located at approximately 17°C/63°F.

The level of hygrometry must be set at approximately 70 % relative humidity.


Moving  cigars  too  often   is   detrimental  to  their  preservation. Having suitable storage that limits handling is essential.

A constant supply of external filtered air is essential to prevent unpleasant odours and mould development.

A protection against UV rays is important to keep the original color of wrappers.

The importance of a good cigar humidor is that it is insulated as best possible, to keep the good temperature and hygrometry rate, but also to avoid the UV rays penetration inside.

Contrary to popular belief, a humidor does not produce humidity, but a good humidor will be designed to avoid burning it.

The EuroCave cigar humidor has more than 4 cm thick injected PU (Polyurethane) foam, which is equivalent to 1,6 meters of earth or 2,6 meters of concrete.

The more cigars in the humidor, the more stable the temperature will be and the less the compressor will start, therefore the better the humidity will be retained.

For maximum security, the cigar humidor has a magnetic seal, allowing the door to close properly.

In an environment exposed to UV rays, cigars can loose the original color of their wrappers.

The glass doors of the EuroCave humidor is treated against UV rays and offers a very good insulation.


Too cold, a cigar will not deliver the full potential of its organoleptic qualities when sampled.

Overheated, it can be infested by lasioderma larvae (tobacco parasite) which hatch at 30°C (86°F) and over.

Such as wine, it is important to avoid important temperature variations. They could alter the leaves quality.

Cigars for daily consumption need to be kept around 19-21°C (66-70°F).

But the ideal temperature for cigar ageing is located between 16°C/60°F and 18°C/64°F.

Considering EuroCave as a preservation and maturing specialist, the temperature range of our humidor is 9°C-18°C (48-64°F).

The walls of a EuroCave are all made of aluminum, allowing a better distribution of the temperature inside the cabinet, aluminum being a conductor.

The EuroCave humidor has also a heating element inside. If for some reason the temperature drops 1°C below the required temperature, the element will start to stabilize the temperature.

N.B: Before sampling one of your fine cigars, take the time to let it reach room temperature, just as you would with wine.

The inner performances are guaranteed with a large external temperature range. Between 0-35°C (32-95°F).


A bad air circulation could be harmful for cigars: some of them will receive too much humidity and not enough for the others

The EuroCave humidor has a natural ventilation system using a basement window effect and is fitted with a charcoal filter to avoid bad smells and mold.

There is a continuous change of air from top to bottom and slowly from the outside and inside

For a better air circulation within the humidor, the charcoal filter should be changed once or twice a year (depending on the air quality of the room), and it’s very easy. Simply pull it out and replace by a new one.

In order to keep the better hygrometry rate for your cigars, the EuroCave humidor contains two clay granule cassettes in the tank at the bottom of the apparatus.

To ensure this perfect environment, the hygrometry rate is checked every couple of minutes and an average is made after 32 measurements. If it is 6% below the selected hygrometry rate, the fan switches on to diffuse the humidity created by the clay granule cassettes.

N.B: No measurement will be made if the compressor is working or if the door is open.


When an hygrometry of 70% is combined with a temperature of 17-

18°C, the air in the humidor contain 10 grams of water per cubic meter. In this case, the cigar contains its ideal humidity level which correspond to 14% of its weight.

Under 8% of humidity in the vitola, it is too dry: it burns away too quickly, creating acrid and sharp smoke, and the wrapper can crumble. Over 15%, the cigar is too damp so it burns badly, frequently cut out and its taste has a rancid shade.

EuroCave adjusts the hygrometry level and guarantee its good working to not damage cigars.

Thanks to the construction of the cabinet, to our air circulation and ventilation systems, EuroCave assure the maintaining of the hygrometry level between 65-70%.


It is important to wait the complete temperature and hygrometry stabilization before placing cigars inside it.


The control panel of the EuroCave humidor integrates visual alarms in case of malfunction, if:

– The level of humidity is below 50% during more than 3 days

– The door stayed ajar for more than 15 minutes. In this case the compressor stops after 10 min.

– The temperature is 4°C lower/higher than the temperature selected for over 24 hours

– There is a defect in the temperature sensor

– The charcoal filter needs changing, thus after 365 days

For additional security, the cigar humidor is equipped with a locking system.


The EuroCave humidor has been designed to be scalable. We offer several types of storage to meet customer needs.

To reach the maximum capacity, between 700 and 1000 cigars, the best inner equipment is :

1 presentation tray on sliding rack in rot-proof exotic wood (Sipo) Allow to store approximately 140 cigars. Do not place more than 2 rows of cigars on top of each other, to keep a good air circulation between them. Consumers can store in this tray all their vitola, with or without cellophane packaging.

2 storage drawers
Allow to store all kind of cigar boxes

1 half fixed shelf
The consumer can store a small amount of each type of cigar in the compartmentalized service tray, and store the remaining cigars in their boxes.

Zoom on the control panel

Selection of finishes

Leather finish


Elite range

Questions & Answers

How much cigars can I store in my EuroCave humidor?
With the best inner equipment, you will be able to store from 700 to 1000 cigars

Are there smaller or larger humidor models?
At this time, EuroCave offers only one cigar humidor model

How can I handle the humidity level? When should I add water?
If the relative humidity rate falls below 65 % for more than 72 hours (The icon flashes), add 10 cl of water into each pozzolana cassette. In order to obtain the time interval for adding water, count the number of days between the 1st day when water was added and the day when the pictogram was displayed. After a few hours the icon will go out.

If the apparatus cannot lower the humidity to the desired level, empty the humidor, remove the pozzolana cassettes and clean the tank. Remove the tube positioned on the bottom of the tank. The humidity will be directly removed from the apparatus. Adjust the level of humidity to 75 % but do not install the pozzolana cassettes or replace them with new ones.

700/1000 CIGARS