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Energy efficiency and consumption:

Wiring: 230V-50Hz _ Power Consumption (kWh)/year: 125, Energy Type A
Production of Cold air: Static, compressor (R600a gas), automatic heater
Acoustic emissions (dB(A)): 38


On / Off / Standby on the display button, Electronic regulation, External display and settings, LED screen, visual and sound alarms (temperature or Hygrometry dysfunctioning, open door, charcoal filer replacement…), automatic defrost + frost protection thermostat (double protection)

Temperature range:

S-INSP-S: Multi temperature, the unit is pre-set at 8°C at the bottom of the cabinet allowing White Wines Service and 18°C at the top of the cabinet allowing the Red Wines service within the same unit.
*Recommended temperature settings: White wines service = 8°C _ Red wines service = 18°C _ all type of wines ageing = 12°C




28 bottles (with traditional Bordeaux type bottles)
2 sliding shelves + 1 half shelf ref. ACMSIW with light wood or ref. ACMSIB with glossy black front _ open / close locking notch + 1 wine service area.


Door: Reversible Full glass door + lock (backlit capacitive keys) _ Thermal insulation and U.V. protection. Soft close and door stop.
Lighting: light strip + 2 LEDs (3 options: permanent, open door, disabled)
Colour: Black Nero _ Exterior coating material: HDF (High Density Fiber)
Accessories: Charcoal Filter, 6 bottles identifiers per shelf (erasable marker provided)

Commercial offer:

Price per unit: 16,700 AED (ex. VAT)
Warranty: 5 years parts
Delivery: 10-12 weeks (Some units might be available in stock please contact your EuroCave sales representative)