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Technological prowess to guarantee that our cabinets meet all of the criteria for optimal wine maturing...

The history of EuroCave highlights a drive towards excellence through innovation.

The history of EuroCave highlights a drive towards excellence through innovation. EuroCave is committed to a continuous creative process that enables it to imagine solutions which will inspire uses related to the conservation and service of wine. In scientific terms this is represented by a number of registered patents and partnerships with leading research laboratories.

Each EuroCave product benefits from the oenological knowledge and expertise of the experts who design and manufacture them:
•  an in-house engineering and design department has over 11 engineers who work tirelessly to design and create products at the cutting-edge of design and technology
•  over 12 patents have been filed
•  our production plant in the north of France has over 60 staff: also completely in-house, the Group’s factory now has sheet metal, assembly, foam injection and checking machines.  This allows the brand to guarantee a level of quality that meets the strictest international standards.

To continually improve its products, the company tests them for effectiveness using scientific methods. It was with this purpose in mind that EuroCave commissioned a group of experts from INSA to conduct a comparative study of vibrations in wine cabinets. The results are conclusive: EuroCave cabinets generate 6 times fewer vibrations than rival products –conclusions that provide a little more information to help consumers make the right choice of wine cabinet.

* Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon – Lyon national institute of applied science

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